True Gospel
Independent Baptist
Sanctify them through thy truth:
          thy word is truth
                John 17:17

Meet Our Pastor

George & Carolyn Trapani

Pastor Trapani was saved in March of 1988 in his dinning room at eleven o'clock at night. He was led to the Lord by one of God's most faithful servants Brother Bill Chrysler. After being saved Pastor Trapani became a member of Charity Baptist Church of Cantonment Florida under the leadership of Dr. James McGaughey. While at Charity Baptist Brother George felt the desire to learn the Word of God to better his walk with the Lord and knowledge of the Bible. Pastor McGaughey and Brother Chrysler introduced him to Dr. Harold Tabb President and founder of Gulf Coast Bible Institute where he earned two degrees. While studying at Gulf Coast God called Brother George to preach in his second year. After answering the call of God on his life Brother George began to preach in nursing homes, rescue missions,  and church when ever the opportunity presented itself. 

One evening a missionary named Paul Jaunt presented his work at Charity Baptist which was the open field, ripe for the harvest, the juvenile justice system. Unknown to Brother George God had just planted a seed in his heart that later would become a burden. While helping a dear brother at the Pensacola Juvenile Detention Center God burdened Brother George's heart for the lost children. He could not get those poor children off his mind so he called Pastor David Wood of Faith Baptist Church in Alabama who also was the Chaplain for the Chalkville Campus for Girls in Birmingham to inquire what to do. After meeting Pastor Wood and preaching at the Girls facility God confirmed that this is what Brother George was supposed to do, win those kids. After he surrendered to the ministry God opened many doors, he seen many kids saved and lives changed. Brother George went from being the Chaplain of one of the smallest juvenile facilities in Florida  to the largest  and oldest in the state of Alabama. He sat on the Alabama State Board of Juvenile Services for 6 years and helped mold the use of Religious programming in the state. He faithfully served for eighteen years. 

In 2009 the Lord started to impress upon Brother George that his time in the juvenile justice system was about to come to an end. Not knowing what the Lord was doing but he stayed faithful and looked for the leadership of the Holy Spirit. In March of 2009 Brother George was contacted by Brother Bill Roberts a man he hadn't seen in years. Brother Bill asked him to come preach for Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Milton Florida. After several trips to Mt. Calvary the church called Brother George as their pastor in June of 2009. The church was in a mess both spiritually and legally. After eight years everything finally got settled and the church has been stabilized. The church just purchased its own property in May of 2017 and is growing. Since this is our eight year, the number of new beginnings the church is going in a new direction with a new name, True Gospel Independent Baptist Church. We would love for you to come and meet us and worship the Lord together.

Meet Our Associate Pastor 

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